Monday, 19 February 2018

The secret of the Internet - Dark web and Deep web

Internet information was divided into 3 parts

  1. Surface Web
  2. Dark web
  3. Deep web

What is Surface Web?

The Surface Web is the portion of the WWW(World Wide Web) that is readily available to the general public and searchable with Normal Web Search engines. which data are available in public is called surface web.

EX: Google, Facebook, YouTube

We are accessing only 4% of data in surface web.

What is Deep Web?

The deep web, invisible web, or hidden web are parts of the World Wild Web whose contents are not indexed by any Web Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Deep Web are not accessible. Content of the deep web can be located and accessed by the direct URL or IP address, and may require password or other security to access the public website or webpage.

EX: Our personal data are stored in Unknown Server and It is secured by the Government. Data should be get to anyone. Officials are only have the link and accessibility to their Deep Web Website. Government, Bank, Navy, Army, New Weapon details are available in the internet but it is not accessible.

Simple Example:

If you are uploading photo in to the public website and put in the privacy mode. it is called as Deep Web, it is available in the internet but it is not accessible to others.

Dark Web:

The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets, overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. It is mainly used for illegal things like selling weapons. It is easily accessible but not in normal browsers like Tor, Freenet, and I2P.  Dark web is strongly encrypted. To see that dates your browsers should also encrypted. Using Tor browser you IP will bounce in many regions. so, It cannot track your originality. it cannot be track the websites visited as well as website owners.


Tor is created because of Us Navy security reason. Tor is free software for enabling anonymous communication. The name is derived from an acronym for the original software project name "The Onion Router".

So above all is About Types of Web .Hope you like this post, keep on sharing with others. Leave a comment below if you have any queries with this.


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